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High Integrity RPAS by Innovative Software Engineering

The ITEA project HI-RISE aims to allow expanding applications of UAS by increasing the level of safety, especially over cities where we can expect aerial delivery, emergency response, etc., and mixed UAS-manned aircraft airspace governed by current ATM rules and regulations. A feasible certification methodology on low-cost UAS – the main aspects of the HI-RISE project – are key to seamless integration for non-segregated airspace.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones, whether autonomously or remotely operated, can offer citizens many societal benefits in terms of supplying new and improved services. Drones are perfectly suited to do important tasks that are considered dull, dangerous or dirty, like traffic management, coastguard search & rescue, mapping fire or natural disaster areas and ecological surveillance. However, since high-value applications of UAS, including freight delivery, real-time traffic information and emergency responder applications often occur over cities and in areas where other aircraft fly, UAS are banned from this airspace due to safety concerns. Topping the list of the project’s challenges is to ensure that unmanned aircraft systems or drones are safely and securely integrated into a mixed manned and unmanned aviation system and the Air Traffic Management (ATM) environment.


The HI-RISE project brings a new vision to assurance and certification procedures whereby a systematic methodology and tooling forms a bridge from a qualitative and intuitive approach to a formal validation procedure for the certification of the underlying UAS architecture.

HI-RISE will shape this approach into a complete toolset that integrates all the experience and developments of previous projects and extend them towards UAS.


This approach will encourage new actors to the UAS business by providing them with a consistent and easy-to-use validation toolset that will shorten their learning curves and increase their chances of “right-first-time” validation and certification of new UAS architectures. The highly promising market for these technologies means job opportunities, especially in engineering, manufacturing, IT, information management, and in the services they provide.

Project Information

Project name : 15009 HI-RISE
Status : Running
Period : Dec 2016 - Dec 2019
Call : ITEA 3 Call 2
Challenge : Security and safety
Website : No website
Partners : 5
Costs : 3,534 k€
Effort : 56.57 PY


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